4 reasons you should switch to Korean skincare

Korean beauty, or K-beauty as it’s so often called, is an industry that has grown in popularity over the years – and for good reason. Although I am not Korean, there is something about K-beauty products that keep me coming back. Believe me when I say I have tried a lot of skincare products, and my list of empties consists heavily of Korean products. I could talk about them over and over again (as you will soon notice on this blog!). Here are four reasons why Korean skincare is better, and why you should start using it:

Their focus is on prevention first

The Korean skincare philosophy is based around prevention – for example, using sunscreen to slow down ageing and sun damage – rather than the use of harsh products aimed at ‘reversing’ damage that has already been caused, such as retinol. In the long term, prevention is the key to maintaining healthy and youthful skin.

Innovative products & ingredients

Korean skincare has a range of products like no other – from essences to mist toners, to ampoules and sheet masks. Not only that, but the ingredients they use in these products are so unique. Have you ever heard of using snail mucin, ginseng, mugwort, rice, or heartleaf? I mean, who wouldn’t want to use a product that has an ingredient called heartleaf in it?!

Gentle, yet effective formulations

As well as using unique ingredients in their formulas, Koreans also prioritise gentleness and high efficacy. The Korean beauty industry opts for natural ingredients sourced locally, and create a lot of products that are fragrance-free, for those with sensitive skin. These products are formulated in a way that, with consistent use, provide effective results. Koreans prefer the gentle, slow and consistent approach, over products that offer instant transformation.

It’s affordable

The value of Korean skincare products is another serious highlight of this industry. The reason these incredibly well formulated products are so reasonably priced? Competition. Competition between K-beauty brands allows products to stay affordable, without compromising on the quality.

Korean beauty should not just be a trend, but a lifestyle that you choose to adopt. And adopt soon! Unique, effective, gentle formulations inside products that are very affordable and adorably packaged – what else could you ask for?


Kait x

Cover photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV