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Start lifting those weights, girl

Whenever you think of an addicting feeling, I’m guessing the gym doesn’t come to mind. I hope to change that. I’ve been weight training (on and off) for about six years. More recently, when I have started to train consistently, I’ve noticed that I am now addicted. Addicted to the four physical and mental benefits […]

4 herbal teas for clearer skin

Even before I moved to England, I loved tea. It’s probably because my family loves tea, so I grew up with it. Just like the allure of bookstores, I find myself always being pulled toward the tea aisle at a grocery store. All of the pretty packaging and the different herbal concoctions. In the past, […]

Stress & your menstrual cycle

Getting pregnant isn’t the only thing that can stop your period. For the last few years, I have been conscious about monitoring my menstrual cycle. I came off the pill in 2020 and have been period tracking ever since. In that time, I’ve noticed that whenever I’ve moved around (moving to Melbourne and now travelling […]

My experience coming off the pill

I have heard so many horror stories from my friends about coming off the pill after 5+ years. Most girls my age were fed the nonsense that taking oral contraceptives would help straighten out heavy periods, acne, etc. The same girls then reach their mid twenties and realise that their bodies shouldn’t be pumped full […]

Sunday self care reset routine

One of my favourite things to do when I am feeling overwhelmed or stagnant is to carry out a reset routine. Most of the time, it just so happens to be a Sunday. You’ve had a nice weekend, and now it’s time to prepare and recharge. This type of routine isn’t something we need every […]