4 types of cravings and what they’re telling you

I used to think everyone was as obsessed with chocolate as I was. Cake, brownies, Smarties milk chocolate bars, my goodness. But sadly, people’s cravings are all different. My mum, while pregnant, used to stick her finger into the cornflour and lick it. The types of cravings pregnant women get are next level. But what we crave is not just about what we like – it’s actually our body’s way of informing us what it’s lacking. Specifically, micro & macronutrient deficiencies. Here are 4 types of cravings you may be having, and what they’re telling you.


For those of us who can’t go a day without thinking about chocolate (or even a meal, let’s be real), there may be a deficiency at play. Intense chocolate cravings could be related to a magnesium deficiency. The reason that you crave chocolate when you’re low in magnesium is because cacao (the plant chocolate is made from) is considered the food that contains the largest amount of magnesium per gram. It’s actually quite common to not be hitting your daily magnesium requirement – symptoms typically don’t appear, either, until your levels are very low. But it’s not all bad – at least you can use it as an excuse to eat more chocolate (as long as it’s the dark variety!).

Milk / tea / juice

This one may just be related to me, but it could be related to you as well, so listen up. I have never been a huge water drinker, unfortunately. So whenever I have craved milk, tea, or juice, it has meant that I’m thirsty. But not just thirsty for water – I needed minerals too. So, if you crave any of the above, make sure you hydrate, but don’t forget the electrolytes / minerals. The best sources of real hydration (water + minerals) are coconut water, grass-fed / organic whole milk, fruit juice (without additives), and broths. All of these contain natural sources of essential minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium.

Sweet food / bread

Whether it’s fruit or doughnuts, a sweet tooth may mean that you are lacking good quality carbohydrates. The same goes for if you are always looking for bread. I can attest to this one – bread is my weakness (next to chocolate). Carbs are our body’s best source of glucose (sugar), and we need glucose to function. Some people make the mistake of cutting out carbohydrates with certain diets, but our body really relies on them. For good quality carbohydrate sources, think simple carbs like ripe fruits, honey, maple syrup (the real kind), and complex carbs like oats, whole grains, and root vegetables.

Fatty food

There have been stages in my life where all I’ve craved is fast food chips or burgers. KFC chips are elite. It was usually the combination of salt and grease that satiated me. And if I had easy access to it, I would get in a bad cycle of eating it a lot. If you’re also often in the mood for this type of food, it may be because of two things: (1) a lack of good quality sea salt in your diet and / or (2) lack of good quality saturated fats. Try to include more full-fat grass-fed / organic dairy, butter, ghee, coconut oil, eggs, and grass-fed / organic meat. Although saturated fats have long been demonised, high quality sources actually provide so many health benefits – a source of vitamins A, D, E, and K; the foundation for a number of hormones; and an increase in our HDL (good cholesterol).

I noticed that when I started to eat healthier (and cut junk food altogether), my body was satisfied to the point where I didn’t crave unhealthy food anymore. I listened to the types of cravings I was experiencing and added in more of what I needed – whether it was fruit, milk, butter. When you eat better, you always feel better – more energy, your mood improves, and you make better choices for your body.


Kait x

Cover photo by Solod Sha