Try this supplement to boost your energy

Hormonal shifts, 9 to 5’s, social engagements – it’s not easy to have a full battery every day. In recent years, I have moved from synthetic dietary supplements to one single supplement that is a powerhouse of natural, bioavailable nutrients. Since incorporating this wonderful mystery capsule, I noticed that my energy levels improved drastically. No more day naps for me. So, what is it, you may ask? Okay, I relent – the best supplement to improve energy is beef liver. Don’t worry, this supplement doesn’t taste as bad as the real stuff (…not that I have ever tried it, so maybe don’t listen to me. But can you imagine??).

Beef liver & its benefits

Beef liver supplements are created using a process called freeze-drying. This means that the organ meat is dried and turned into powder form (also called desiccated liver) that can then be stored in capsules for easy use – while maintaining all of the nutrients of raw, whole liver. When purchasing beef liver supplements, try to find ones that are grass-fed and grass-finished to ensure the highest quality. If you are in the UK, a great beef liver supplement is by APE nutrition. Back when I was in Australia, I took Perfect Supplements’ beef liver.

The main reason that beef liver is able to boost your energy is due to its nutritional profile. This food is incredibly rich in loads of essential vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A, B12, and copper. Copper is one essential trace mineral that is often overlooked when it comes to energy metabolism – but more on this later. While you may have come to this post to reduce your tendency to fall asleep at your desk, an improvement in energy levels is not the only benefit that beef liver can offer. Increasing nutrient levels in general will improve your cardiovascular health, immunity, fertility, skin health, strengthen bones, and support your body’s detoxification processes.

Why our body needs it

Our food is becoming more and more nutrient deficient due to mass production and over-farmed soil, and processed foods are more popular than ever. Because of this, many people have more nutrient deficiencies than they may realise. Supplements have become a new and sometimes necessary part of our lives now, in order to bridge this gap and fulfil our body’s vitamin and mineral requirements. With that said, the source of these nutrients is important.

Synthetic versus natural

The difference between taking a supplement like beef liver and other artificial supplements (like your multivitamin) is the way the body identifies and utilises them. A vitamin or mineral that comes from a whole food source is more easily recognised, processed, and absorbed. As well as decreased absorption, synthetic supplements can also, ironically, cause more nutrient deficiencies and imbalances.

Vitamins and minerals work synergistically within the body. When you start to incorporate isolated vitamins (for example, supplementing with vitamin D, iron, zinc) without their corresponding counterparts, imbalances can happen. This can then create excess of some nutrients, and deficiencies of others. Let’s talk about how this can affect your energy.

An essential trace mineral: Copper

Now, we return to copper. This mineral works synergistically with iron to create energy. Meaning, when one is out of balance, it throws everything out the window. People often supplement iron and consume it through fortified foods, leading to an excess in the body (accidentally, and without us realising it). This mineral, along with zinc (which is also often supplemented), has been shown to cause copper deficiency if in excess, due to both metals blocking its absorption and use. Without enough copper, oxygen delivery through haemoglobin and energy homeostasis can fall. Thus, us feeling tired!

To solve this problem, supplementing with whole food sources, such as beef liver, is beneficial. This helps to increase these essential vitamins and minerals, while maintaining balance. There, now you know the secret to the best supplement to improve your energy!


Kait x

Cover photo by Anna Shvets