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Learn how to meditate

A ‘you should really start thinking about meditating’ part two (part one). At the beginning of this year, I read a book called Buddhism for Busy People. The author, David Michie, talks about 4 meditation techniques you can try to start you off. I still use Insight Timer, to be fair, but you might find […]

Try this supplement to boost your energy

Hormonal shifts, 9 to 5’s, social engagements – it’s not easy to have a full battery every day. In recent years, I have moved from synthetic dietary supplements to one single supplement that is a powerhouse of natural, bioavailable nutrients. Since incorporating this wonderful mystery capsule, I noticed that my energy levels improved drastically. No […]

The impact gut health has on your skin

Have you ever thought about the health of your gut and how it may be causing your skin to break out? Our gut and its microbiome affect more than we realise. 70% of our immune system is actually found within the gut – it’s responsible for very important detoxifying and metabolising processes. If you’re experiencing […]

5 benefits of raspberry leaf tea

I first discovered raspberry leaf tea through a fertility page on Instagram (for reference – innate_fertility). In the wellness industry, this caffeine-free tea is known for supporting pregnancy and labour. When I first started drinking it, I was not pregnant, nor thinking about getting pregnant, but I was curious to see if it would help […]

Foods to eat for brighter skin

Brighter skin, softer skin, glowing skin – where can I get that?! How can I brighten my skin? It may not be a surprise to you that working from the inside out is the way to go. The brightening we’re talking about is evening out the skin tone, reducing dullness, and balancing the oils and […]