My favourite skincare duo for dehydrated skin

In my last skincare guide, I talked about how skin can sometimes look and feel dry, but can actually just be dehydrated (lacking water, not oil). Having learnt this, albeit a little late, I have recently incorporated some amazing products that deeply hydrate the skin and give a nice glow. So, let’s get into my two favourite (tried & tested) skincare products for dehydrated skin. I am so excited for this.

For reference, my skin type: oily – my skin conditions: acne-prone & dehydrated.

Essence: The Pure Lotus – Jeju Lotus Leaf Essence

This essence is so beautiful. While some skincare experts argue that toners and essences are not necessary, for those with dehydrated skin I think they’re quite important. I love essences because they’re kind of like the middle sibling in between a toner and a serum. Let’s not discredit that middle sibling.

We know Korean skincare is innovative and unique – as you can tell by the 89% lotus leaf extract this product contains. It has a subtle but refreshing & flowery smell and feels so nice on the skin – not greasy or tacky. This product really leaves you with such a soft glow. The best thing is, a little (1-2 pumps) goes a long way and it will last you a long time.

Moisturiser: Etude House – Soon Jung Hydro Barrier Cream

This is probably my favourite moisturiser yet. For me, it is perfect for any season – it’s lightweight and gel-like, but has an ever so slight cream texture. It has some wonderful ingredients like panthenol, green tea extract & madecassoside (a derivative of centella asiatica), which work together to provide hydrating, soothing and skin-softening effects. Honestly, this moisturiser has been a game changer for me – especially paired with the lotus leaf essence!

While you can absolutely use these products separately, they do work as an amazing pair if your skin is dehydrated. If you prefer to swap the essence out for a hydrating toner or serum, please do so! It is all personal preference.


Kait x

Cover photo by Tara Winstead