One curly hair product you should not leave out of your routine

Similar to my skin, figuring out what works best for my hair has been a journey and a half. I spent most of my youth frustrated with my frizzy, unruly locks that could not be tamed. After almost four years of wearing my hair naturally, switching up my routine, and trialling product after product, I am finally starting to understand what works and what doesn’t. But with all the products that I have tried, there is one that I can never go without. And that is a gel or a mousse. This is the one curly hair product you need in your routine.

Essentially, these two products work in a very similar way, but the type of hair you have will generally determine which product will work better for you. Mousse typically works better for those with fine strands of hair (as it is more lightweight), while gel works better for coarser hair. In saying that, I have used both and love both.

When and how do I use it?

Gel and mousse are to be used as the last step of your routine on wet hair. This is to ensure moisture and hydration stay locked in. When your hair dries, the gel or mousse will create a hard cast on your hair. Most people hate this, as it looks and feels crunchy, so they stay away from using it all together. But, funnily enough, that’s actually how it is meant to look and feel; that is how it works to keep your curls defined. Once your hair dries completely, all you do is ‘scrunch’ out the product. You can do this with an oil, serum, or just with your hands. At the end, your hair will no longer look crunchy, and it will reveal beautiful, soft, bouncy, defined curls or waves.


If you need some recommendations, these are two products that I’ve used and still love:

  • John Frieda Frizz Ease Mousse: less crunch/hold but keeps curls/waves defined, provides heat protection, a more affordable option (£7 – 200ml).
  • Aveda Nutriplenish Curl Gelée: gives shine & maximum hold that combats more humid climates, no silicones or parabens, does contain a lot of fragrance (but I personally love the botanical smell it has), more on the pricey side (£28 – 200ml).

At the end of the day, the products you choose should be based on what hair type you have, your preferences & price range, and what works best for you and your hair. The best way to find any curly hair product you need is from recommendations and through a bit of trial and error. Good luck!


Kait x

Photo by cottonbro