Category: Self Development

25 things I learnt by 25

It took me a while to write this post because like most people, I love giving out advice while simultaneously failing to take my own. After the seventh revision, I thought it was about time that I let go. Let go of the perfect list. And instead, give my most real and honest interpretation of […]

The truth about feminism

For some reason, whenever I think about feminism, I think about Emma Watson. Maybe it’s because she’s amazing, or maybe it’s because I remember this quote that she said on an interview, after a Vanity Fair photoshoot of her was criticised for showing too much skin. She explains that “feminism is about giving women choice. […]

Living life in your twenties

The inspiration (& information) for this post comes from a book I have recently finished reading, called ‘The Defining Decade’ by clinical psychologist Dr Meg Jay. I gave a brief overview of this amazing book in a previous post, but I thought it also deserved to stand on its own. How many of you have […]

How to embrace change

In this week’s episode of sad, lonely and isolated… haha just kidding. Seriously though, it’s starting to feel like I am just talking about my life on a podcast. Today I am writing about the concept of change – in particular, moving to a new place – and how to embrace it. Change is hard, […]